22 October 2016

Initiatives on energy efficiency financing

BUILDINTEREST links to several related initiatives



ENERINVEST establishes a Spanish national platform for financing public and private sustainable energy projects (SEPs). It provides technical, legal and financial solutions for renewable and energy efficiency projects and facilitates dialogue among the different stakeholders. The project enhances the capacities of the public and private sectors to structure projects and promotes the mobilization of investments in SEPs.

During the project duration, it intends to prepare the ground for investments of €25 million. Funded under Horizon 2020. The ENERINVEST financing platform primarily focuses on Spanish stakeholders.

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The overall goal of the project is to implement a Sustainable Energy Financing Platform in Austria (SEFIPA)removing selected challenges and triggering additional investments in sustainable energy (SE). Two main elements of SEFIPA are the Finance Lab, constituted of executive representatives of stakeholder groups who work in regular sessions on the realization of solutions to the identified challenges for increasing SE investments, and the implementation of a crowdinvesting-platform for SE. Funded under Horizon 2020. The SEFIPA financing platform primarily focuses on Austrian stakeholders.

Other related projects

Standardisation and benchmarking

ICPEU — The Investor Confidence Project is an international programme to bring standardisation and transparency to the development of building energy efficiency projects.

SEAF – The Sustainable Energy Asset Framework has developed a holistic, IT-based platform (eQuad) that bridges the gap between project developers and investors in energy efficiency investments.

Trust EPC South aims to raise awareness for Energy Performance Contracts projects in southern Europe by setting up a standardised approach allowing for risk assessment of energy saving investments.

The Sustainable Energy Investing Metrics project has developed a framework for investors and policy makers to translate high-level climate policy goals into a benchmark that can inform portfolio allocation targets.

The Solar Bankability project aims to establish a common practice for professional risk assessment which will serve to reduce the risks associated with investments in PV projects.

Innovative financing schemes, capacity building and awareness raising

2020Together aims to bundle public buildings and street lighting projects for energy retrofit in the Italian Region of Piedmont using Energy Performance Contracts and Third Party Financing schemes.

Infinite Solutions involves 11 cities across Europe which are implementing internal performance contracting on public buildings, soft loan schemes and energy contracting support service for home owners.

In the RESCOOP MECISE, well established citizens energy cooperatives set up innovative approaches in order to launch concrete investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Aggregation/PDA: public assets

INEECO provides support of up to 90% of the facilitation costs of Energy Performance Contracting projects in Baden-Wurttemberg’s public building stock.

In ESCOLimburg2020, public energy grid operator Infrax develops an integrated service for the renovation of municipal buildings, from audits to works implementation and finance.

2020Together aims to bundle public buildings and street lighting projects for energy retrofit in the Italian Region of Piedmont using Energy Performance Contracts and Third Party Financing schemes.

The Re:FIT programme is a procurement initiative for public bodies in the UK wishing to implement energy efficiency and local energy generation measures to their buildings

Project ZagEE (Zagreb Energy Efficient City) bundles a wide range of energy efficiency and renewable energy investments in order to implement comprehensive solutions, instead of investing in single measures.

The main objective of NEWLIGHT is the modernisation of 34,000 public lighting luminaires in 57 Croatian cities and municipalities based on a bundling process.

EFIDISTRICT aims for an integral energy rehabilitation of the Chantrea District in the city of Pamplona. The project includes the deep renovation of condominiums and the retrofit of the existing district heating network

Aggregation/PDA: private assets

PadovaFIT! aims to retrofit multifamily buildings through energy performance contracting (EPC).

The Public Service for Energy Efficiency aims to develop a public operator to implement low energy renovation of single-family homes in Alsace and the Greater East region.

SUNShINE aims at setting up a deep retrofit scheme of multi-family buildings through Energy Performance Contracting at a large scale.

Other linked projects

The project MARTE develops and implements energy retrofitting investments in the healthcare sector of the Italian Marche Region by deploying innovative financing approaches.

RESFARM is developing and implementing financial instruments for the mobilization of investments in renewable energy in the agrarian sector.

The project guarantEE further develops and tests performance-based energy services such as energy performance contracting (EPC) to be better applicable for private sector clients and rented facilities.

The BEenerGI programme of the Girona Provincial Council provides the necessary assistance to more than 64 Covenant of Mayors signatories to mobilise bundled sustainable energy investments.

The project Streetlight-EPC creates demand and supply for energy performance contracting (EPC) projects in 9 regions by setting up regional EPC facilitation services.

The main aim of the EnerSHIFT project is the preparation of an energy retrofit investment portfolio in the public social housing sector of Liguria by promoting and applying financing models, which are very innovative.


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