13 April 2017

Green BuildInvest launched

Dutch financing platform kicked off on April 13th, 2017

The Green BuildInvest Initiative (GBI) was launched as part of BUILDINTEREST by Duurzaam Gebouwd, an already established platform for sustainable buildings, but with the focus on the construction side.

The GBI platform focuses on the stakeholders on the financial and policy side of sustainable buildings and aims to create a community where examples of models for financing and development of sustainable buildings are showcased. But also gives the opportunity to connect people to create solutions where barriers in regard to the financing of sustainability are found.

Offline the GBI platform organises events in co-operation with stakeholders in the Dutch Market on topics adressed on the online community. GBI will also be actively involved in events where these topics are discussed to showcase what’s already happening in the sustainable building sector and works closely together with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Platform Energy Efficient Financers.

The launch of the platform was April 13th during the Building Holland Fair, which is organised every year by Duurzaam Gebouwd. At the launch the setup of the community was shown and a call for projects and initiatives was made. You are warmly invited to publish you project or cooperate on solutions to financing barriers. Leading Dutch stakeholders like ASN Bank and the Green Deal ‘Gasvrije wijken’ participated to showcase their approach on the financing and development of sustainable buildings.


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